Leo Forde was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1989 the day before the fall of the Berlin wall. His early years were spent dressing up as different animals and waving at fire engines. When driving in the back of his Mum and Dad's car, he pretended he could cut the tops off mountains with an invisible stick. He liked dancing to Kate Bush and the Singing Kettle though he was too scared to sing on stage with the latter one Christmas.

On entering primary school, Forde pursued his interest in dressing up and enjoyed giving dramatic readings with a small group of friends until he was beaten up by an older boy called Christopher for doing so. He developed the habit of scribbling holes in his jotters until they were ruined and cried as he tried to fight the impulse.

In primary 3, he took up the bagpipes which nobody liked except his younger brother, who didn’t mind. Forde was threatened with expulsion from primary school for pulling his trousers down at the janny but got away with a warning.

Switching to a Catholic school in his teens, Forde began to understand the importance of feeling guilty about everything and drinking alone. He made some new friends and lost interest in the bagpipes. 

Forde went on to take guitar lessons with a great teacher called Duncan McCallum who introduced him to BB King and Django Reinhardt. He left school as soon as they would let him and worked for a number of organizations, all of whom eventually sacked him.  

After a few years of getting in trouble, Forde moved to New Orleans, Louisiana where he has been living since 2014. He plays regularly in the city's jazz clubs and has performed at Jazz Fest, French Quarter Fest and Satchmo Summer Fest. He mostly plays Django Reinhardt’s music with Gizinti Trio aswell as working with The Hot Club of New Orleans, Meschiya Lake, Aurora Nealand, Shotgun Jazz Band, Doro Wat and other people he can get along with.